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Warning: receiving money fraud

TTO - Fraudsters create fake Facebook accounts of relatives, friends of victims and fool victims into receiving payments from overseas.

Vietcombanks have warned people using bank services of a new trick to receive money via overseas bank accounts. Fraudsters create fake Facebook profiles of relatives or friends, they message unsuspecting users, trick them into receiving money from overseas.

Bank accounts become a popular target by most cybercriminals. Image: an illustration

According to Vietcombank, scammers send the users links to fake international payment websites. Once the users log in these websites with their user name and password, they inadvertently provide necessary information for the scammers to initiate a payment wire transfer out of their bank account.

To complete an internet banking transition, banking customers are required a one-time password (OTP). As the customers receive a message a One-Time Passcode (OTP) via text message, and enter the on-demend screen on the fraudulent websites, the scammers have successfully completed the transaction, while the customers are still thinking that they are performing a transaction of receiving money from abroad.

This fraud is not new, but the bank recognizes that Vietnam’s banking customers are still unaware of this and completely taken in.

Vietcombank warns our customers NOT to:

- Open a bank account and register e-banking services for other users.

- Disclose your username, password, PIN of any e-banking service, OTP code, service activation code for anyone through any channel such as phone, email, social networking, applications, websites, unfamiliar links...

- Transfer money, add money to a phone number, appointed by another person as a procedure of receiving the reward / promotion of the Bank.

- Do not visit strange links, be careful with emails, messages, or notifications of winning, receiving money, warning your account of suspected unauthorized access with your request with a request to provide your personal information and service access information.

- Use your username and password to access e-banking services as a password to access other banking systems.


Translator: Duong Kim Thuy Linh