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The first university announces schedule, test score via Zalo

The University of Information Technology (VNUHCM-UIT) has become a pioneer in using Zalo as an important channel for interacting with students.

This platform makes it easy for students to send and receive instant messages, highly personalized, and save time and resources.

Ms.C Nguyen Dinh Khuong, Head of Data Management & Information Technology Office, said that smart phone applications have become a general trend. Instead of writing separate applications for students to use, combine with Zalo to provide or look up information to be more convenient.

"If it’s successful, this could be a case study for many other universities to refer," added Mr. Khuong.

Truong dai hoc dau tien thong bao lich hoc, diem thi bang Zalo hinh anh 1

A message is sent from the UIT Official Account - Photo Đ.N.

Previously, students have to go through many complicated steps such as logging into the website, email, social networking to get schedules, classrooms, test scores. Now, students can receive or search directly through Zalo.

In addition, the University easily locates students to send personal information to specific people.

"Zalo has an option to send information to the right object," said Mr. Le Duc Thinh, Secretary of Youth Union at the University of Information Technology.

The application of Zalo in communication at University of Information Technology has received positive feedback from the university and students.

Student Nguyen Xuan Vu (Faculty of Computer Science) said that students simply set up messaging functions when they have text messages and are comfortable doing other things without worrying about missing out on important information from the school.

With student Thu Nguyet (Faculty of Information System), getting information through Zalo saves a lot of time because of this application.

Mr.Vu Duc Lung, Vice President of UIT said, "Zalo has become the university's official information channel, and we feel very effective."

In the future, students can register for a course directly on Zalo. At the same time, the university is expected to expand its use as an interactive channel for parents.

Truong dai hoc dau tien thong bao lich hoc, diem thi bang Zalo hinh anh 2

Students easily receive information from UIT via Zalo – Photo: D.N

"The University of Information Technology will expand the collaboration with Zalo so that not only students but also their parents can receive notification messages from the university, it will also help them understand better their child's learning situation." Mr. Lung confirmed.

Students will need to scan a QR code that is posted on posters on the university grounds or click on "Interested" in the UIT Official Account. The system will automatically recognize the phone number.

For confidentiality, the university only allows the student to search and receive information when students use the same telephone number as the registered phone number on their university profile.

Before the University of Information Technology, Dong Nai People's Committee and the Ministry of Health also applied Zalo as the official channel to help people get information and solve administrative procedures.