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The letter to you!

Time really passed very quickly, in the blink of an eye, I found that I graduated and was about to become a new graduate of the school. Looking back, it seems that UIT gave me a lot: not only fun, friends, but also knowledge and maturity.

Please send to the letter that I have always cherished for a long time to give to UIT - a "friend" who accompanies the beautiful stories and memories here.

“Dear friend, UIT!

I still remember the days when I was a new student who walked into college. The days of college exam days were so absorbed in my books, the times I woke up early in the morning because of anxiety before the test day and the joy of breaking out knowing that I was officially a UIT-er seemed to have become a part unforgettable memorable memories; and perhaps, everything seemed to have happened yesterday. On that day of enrollment, I was trembling because I did not think this was the truth in my hand; For me, that moment is also a milestone marking the day I officially became a member of the school and my youth attached to UIT.


From the one who was not very interested in difficult math to swallow but now has confidently asserted that with Math, with Tin, these are the subjects that I like most. Thanks to those dedicated "ferry drivers", the "train" to their future was able to safely dock.

In UIT, with the people, the super-muddy aunty, the UIT-er, even if you spend your youth going everywhere looking for it you cannot get it. 4 years with this second house was happiest and happiest thanks to you guys. I still remember the days when we spent military school together, how much we laughed, the yawns and yawns at noon, or the times when the bells sounded, we kept our feet wet. lined up. And how to forget the project runs to face and happy burst when the first group received a score of 9 as well....

And there are super cute, friendly and cool brothers and sisters in the clubs, thank you for accepting me to become a member of my family, and having the opportunity to be myself for show the ego that she had accidentally lost before. People have always been there whenever I was sad and happy for my joys. From being a super shy, self-contained and shy girl, accompanying the club has become wings to help her become a lot more confident.


Thank you to the lessons from contests, extracurricular activities, interesting exam questions or the "no-see-30 nights" chase projects of UIT for helping me to grow a lot, not just in work, study, but also in life. Forging yourself under pressure is like forging a sword or a diamond created under such high pressure, everything has its price. It was UIT that brought the lesson, not only for me but for everyone, that only trying my best and striving non-stop can really take you the rest of the way.

Hey UIT, thank you very much, thank you for giving me such a happy, brilliant and memorable youth. Thank you for bringing such wonderful people and interesting stories to weave your youth in my 20s.

Life is a series of nonstop journey, who knows what tomorrow will encounter? Just know that the sun is beautiful today, thousands of times not to miss, especially during the time of University, please turn it into the happiest and most beautiful memories. Miss you very much, UIT!