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Report on urban order violation via mobile application

TTO - Citizens can use the mobile application to report violations of urban order immediately to the authorities without waiting for the presence of functional forces.

The main interface of "Binh Thanh Online” - Photo: Đức Thiện

On June 9, the People's Committee of Binh Thanh District, HCM City, officially put online "Binh Thanh" software on smart mobile devices in order to create favorable conditions for people to immediately report violations in the field of urban order for government agencies.

Every citizen is a supervisor

Thanks to the internet connection, this mobile application is the connection between the components from the people to the patrol teams, the patrol squad, as well as the urban order teams and ward committees in the reporting that deal with violations of urban order.

In addition, the application also connects the decision makers, issuing sanctioning decisions (Ward People's Committee, Urban Order and District People's Committee / Ward / Commune People's Committee). Even District / District / Commune leaders can manage their inspection and handling activities through this application.

“Binh Thanh online" is a component of the urban management software system of Binh Thanh District with the functions as: granting construction permits, providing planning information, granting repair permits at wards, , permission to dig roads, use sidewalks, management violations in construction ... People can easily download applications "Binh Thanh online" completely free of charge on the application store of Android and iOS operating system.

Through this application, any citizen or supervisor of Binh Thanh District can also take pictures, film, locate the place where the violation of urban order occurs and send it to the handling office. This helps to monitor and detect incidents even when there are no field patrols.

With functional forces, they can receive notifications as soon as they happen on the mobile device for timely processing without waiting for reports, waiting for paper documents.

From a theoretical point of view, the application creates a comprehensive horizontal and vertical integration from county to ward, building inspectorate, urban order; from leaders to individual officers and departments to thoroughly overcome the limitations in managing the management as well as delays in records in the urban area.

The functions of the application for the object to use. - Screenshots

Beside the function of reporting and monitoring the treatment of violation of urban order in Binh Thanh District, the application also allows users to look up the records are processing, look up information planning as well as the level of satisfaction of the people with the operation of the government.

Not just urban order

According to our understanding, after two months of testing, the number reflects the order of urban violations of the people of Binh Thanh through this application up to 846 times, in which authorities have processed 836 respondents light The current popular reflections such as litter, pouring waste water, occupying the roadside, construction of unauthorized ...

Many people appreciate the government very much when they hear about the application. Ms. Bui Thao (Bui Dinh Tuy street, Binh Thanh district) said: "The application will help people easily and conveniently report violations of urban order around their area. We can report immediately and quickly without having to call or report very time consuming. I applaud this new way of functioning of the authorities. "

Ms. Ngoc Huong (Bui Huu Nghia Street, Binh Thanh District) comments: "I found in the application say people's reflections will be processed within 120 minutes is a long time. If the authorities can push the processing time to almost immediately then it's great.

And not just in the urban order, I expect functional agencies will allow people to report any other violations through the application and be processed immediately to ensure a safe life for people. people. At that time, our people will certainly be enthusiastic to use the application together with the authorities to keep the urban order, security and safety of Binh Thanh district in particular and the whole city in general " .